Character Creation

Character Creation

All Characters in this game are going to be from the small farming town of Drrury on the same small planet of silex 4, siting in the outer rim just past Arbra. Not only are they from the same town but they where all in the same high school class.

the first episode will be played in high school. the character will define their races attributes and appropriate backgrounds. then we will play one game.

Defining Attributes Backgrounds

once we complete that adventure we will advance a few years and meet up with all the characters in their first jobs. Each character will pick their first class and advance them 2 levels.

Starting Classes


The reason that I went with this convoluted character creation system is because all of the games we have played lately have been very open ended character creations where god like powers are everywhere. I have really enjoyed those games, but I am feeling nostalgic for starting a game with a low level character and watching them evolve into thick characters. That is why we are starting in high school. Once we get into the game proper the characters will already have a report and watch each others characters evolve. I am very interested to see how it turns out

Character Creation

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